Kingston DC1500M SSD in front of a graphic of a glowing blue speedometer representing high speed

Build Resilient, Responsive Databases with Kingston’s DC1500M Enterprise NVMe SSDs

Can the DC1500M Enterprise NVMe SSD Improve Your Company’s Efficiency?

NVMe's arrival on the scene has vastly improved on past performance for NAND flash, capitalising on the potential of PCIe. Data centers have instituted major changes to take advantage of the greater bandwidth and other innovations made possible in new processors, chassis designs, motherboards and more.

What does NVMe mean for application performance? How are transaction response times and throughput affected? Will database backup times be improved, and what does this mean for their impact on production environments? Kingston has published this white paper in an effort to answer these questions. We examined typical OLTP workloads (as defined by the TPCC specification) and offered several practical comparisons to illustrate the impact of NVMe on transaction performance in everyday scenarios.


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Ask a Server SSD Expert

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